A self-drive trip through the fascinating Northern Wheatbelt. An area that boasts a rich and extensive history, charming and friendly people, and all located in a diverse and truly Australian landscape.

The Wheatbelt Way

Along the way you’ll take in stunning natural surrounds, sites of historical significance, and the laid-back country atmosphere of the Wheatbelt.

Stay at any of the campsites along the trail if you are up for some family camping or glamping! If not head to any of the well maintained caravan parks located in the towns across the trail or stop the night in one of our friendly Wheatbelt B&B’s, Hotels and Motels.

Download the Wheatbelt Way trail map. To obtain your free trail guide that will allow you to travel the Wheatbelt Way and immerse yourself in this stunning area, go to Trail Guides, or alternatively, contact your local Wheatbelt Way Visitors Centre.

Featured Trail Site

Featured trail sites

Elachbutting Rock

Elachbutting Rock is a spectacular natural rock formation with similar features to Wave Rock. The rock has a number of large cavern areas and is surrounded by natural bushland. Elachbutting has a reputation for being bigger, better and more pristine than any Wheatbelt granite rock formation that you may have seen before. The name Elachbutting is thought to mean ‘that thing standing’ which is quite feasible as Elachbutting is a large granite rock, a prominent landmark standing out from the surrounding countryside. It has a spectacular colourful wave similar to Hyden’s Wave Rock with the added beauty of ‘Monty’s Pass’, a 30m tunnel caused by a rock slide. An echoing cave similar to an amphitheatre is close by.