Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets – August

When: August 2, 2020 - August 2, 2020

Where: Nungarin

The Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets is working towards restarting in August (1st Sunday). We must all still adhere to the COVID-19 social distancing requirements plus hand sanitising etc etc so some changes will have to be made. There will be fewer stalls in the hall – some will have to be moved to the outside mall to give us the correct distancing. We don’t know as yet whether the café will be able to operate with its dwindling number of helpers so we would advise you to bring your own tea and/or coffee with you. The café may be able to open at a later date when things are almost back to normal. These are challenging times and we have all had to make sacrifices.

We will be in touch again in July to confirm the above arrangements.


Kind regards


Tracy Scott


Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets

10 June 2020