Trail Guidebook

All the information about the Wheatbelt Way Self Drive Trail and the information in the Guidebook and Audio Tracks can be found readily and easily by downloading the Wheatbelt Way App.

To allow visitors to get a deep insight and understanding into the Northern Wheatbelt, it’s history and it’s people, a detailed guide book is available. It comes complete with information on the area, what to see and do, and some of the fascinating history outlining the significance of the area. Additionally, the guide book comes with two interpretive audio CD’s allowing viewers to get a truly local Northern Wheatbelt experience – local people telling local stories.

The Wheatbelt Way Trail Guide

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Trail guide booklets can also be collected in person at any Visitor Information Centre along the Wheatbelt Way. Alternatively, contact the Central Wheatbelt Visitors Centre on 1300 736 283 to have your very own copy mailed to you.

The content from these CD’s can be also downloaded by clicking on the Tracks listed below.

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